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XRbitcoincash is proud to announce its community obligation.
*White paper submission 1
*Our community obligations consist of transparent partnerships to prevent any investors from making uninformed decisions .
*Our main goal at XRbitcoincash is to align with other XRPL ledger projects to bring a fair free trade market to the global economy . 
*We recognize the very real need for a global free market  and we understand that on our own we can not change the face of the global economy.
*This is why we are offering a partnership with every XRPL project who's goal is to bring about true change that unites all economies even the most remote and resistant to change. *This can and will be accomplished using the power of the XRPL and ripple labs.
*Together we can create an economy that bridges the gap from banked and unbanked communities. 
*We chose to keep our White paper short so we can amend it as regulator clarity is created and enacted . 


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